Intermediterranean Commission Plenary Meeting – Helsinki (Helsinki-Uusimaa-Finland)

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Intermediterranean Commission Plenary Meeting

19 October 2017 – Helsinki (Helsinki-Uusimaa – Finland)

Agenda of the Plenary Meeting: Available soon…



 We remind you that these documents won’t be distributed in Helsinki.
 Confidential papers are only for members of the Intermediterranean Commission.

  1. Draft Minutes of the Campania 2017 General Assembly: Available soon…
  2. Intermediterranean Commission Activity Report (July/November 2017): Available soon…
  3. Financial documents of the Intermediterranean Commission (Confidential)
  4. Agenda 2017-2018 for the Intermediterranean Commission: EN-FR
  5. Draft CPMR Final Declaration (Confidential)
  6. Working Groups documents (Confidential)

More information on the 2017 CPMR General Assembly, CLICK HERE!