14 02, 2020

Meeting of the Political Bureau of the Intermediterranean Commission

Mediterranean Regions unanimously in favour of more cooperation in the Mediterranean aiming at greater sustainability of the basin! In the context of the preparation of and negotiations on the European Green Deal, the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) held its Political Bureau meeting on 4/5 February 2020, following the invitation of [...]

12 02, 2020

CO-EVOLVE presents its final outcomes and prepares future steps!

After 3 years of rich, intense and fruitful collaboration to improve sustainable planning in Mediterranean touristic coastal areas, the CO-EVOLVE project officially ended in October 2019. The final conference of CO-EVOLVE was held in Kavala (Greece) on 2 October 2019. It gathered around 60 people, including CO-EVOLVE partners and representatives [...]

11 02, 2020

Integrated Strategies for the Energy Renovation of Public Buildings in the Mediterranean

SHERPA presents its outcomes during its Final Conference! Co-funded by the EU programme Interreg Med and led by the Generalitat of Catalunya, SHERPA - SHared knowledge for Energy Renovation in buildings by Public Administrations project (2016-2020), involving the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) as responsible of the communication/capitalisation activities, held is [...]

11 02, 2020

BEST MED project partners meet in Malta and kick off their work for improving sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean

BEST MED project partners met in Sliema, Malta on 30-31 January for the first steering committee and kick-off conference of the PANORAMED Strategic Project “BEST MED – Beyond European Sustainable Tourism MED Path”, hosted by Maltese partner Malta Marittima Agency. The project - funded by the Interreg MED Programme and [...]

10 02, 2020

Towards a Winter Islands Network…

...for all year-round Tourism ExpeRience in the MEDiterranean! The kick-off meeting of the INTERREG MED WINTER MED project (Winter Islands Network for all year-round Tourism ExpeRience in the MEDiterranean) project – including the Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) of CPMR and  led by the Association of Tuscan Municipalities (ANCI) - took place [...]

30 01, 2020

MED destinations commit themselves for the implementation…

... of the integrated Mediterranean Maritime & Coastal tourism management model After 3 years of rich and fruitful collaboration to develop a responsible and sustainable maritime and coastal tourism, the Interreg Modular Project MITOMED+, involving the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) as responsible of the capitalization activities, officially ended on the [...]

15 01, 2020

PANACeA: gathering the Biodiversity Protection Community…

... to give the impulse for transformative changes in the Mediterranean Co-funded by the EU programme Interreg Med and led by the European Topic Centre of the University of Málaga, the Biodiversity Protection Community (2016-2019) has been acknowledged by international institutions as an interdisciplinary collaborative platform, linking research, practice and [...]

19 12, 2019

Intermediterranean Commission Youth Council

Mediterranean Youth comes together to foster democratic participation in the area! A group of young representatives from different youth associations from Mediterranean Regions (France, Spain, Cyprus and Italy), met on 14/15 December 2019 in Santa Severa (Lazio- Italy) to support the creation of an Intermediterranean Youth Council, exchange ideas and [...]

29 11, 2019

Transition to the second phase of the Blue Growth Community (Interreg Med)

The 31st of October marked the end of the Interreg Horizonal Project on Blue Growth, involving the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) as responsible of the capitalization activities. In this sense, the final capitalisation event Transition towards Blue and Green Economies in the Mediterranean held last September in Brussels and co-organized [...]