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Conclusions of the Seminar “The added value of European cohesion policy and cooperation in the Mediterranean” – Patras 2018 EN   ES   FR   IT  
Promoting Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean Regions FR   EN  
Intermediterranean Commission Position on the future of territorial cooperation in the Mediterranean EN   FR  
Final Declaration Patras 2018 ES   FR   IT   EN  
Manual for the Training on Integrated Territorial Development FR  
Agenda – Training on Integrated Territorial Development EN   FR  
Flyer – Training on Integrated Territorial Development EN   FR  
Index of the Manual for the Training on Integrated Territorial Development EN   FR  
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IMC Trainee Job Description EN  
Agenda – Working Group on Economic & Social Cohesion – 11 April 2019 (Montpellier) EN   FR  
Practical information – Montpellier 2019 Hotels-in-Montpellier.pdf   Capdeville-venue.png   Connexion-Map-Tramway-Montpellier.pdf   Map-Tramway-Montpellier.pdf  
Report on the participation of the Intermediterranean Commission in EU Cooperation Projects EN  
Activity Report of the Intermediterranean Commission (February 2019) EN  
Conclusions – Intermediterranean Commission Meeting Madeira 2018 EN   IT   ES   FR  
MedCooperationAlliance Declaration AR   CAT   EN   ES   FR   IT  
PANACeA Declaration FR   EN  
Action Plan of the Intermediterranean Commission for 2019-2020
MedCat Partners Forum (5 February 2019) EN  
Mediterranean Catalonian Forum (February 2019) ES   EN  
Agenda – International Seminar on the Future of the Mediterranean Region – Barcelona 2019 (4 February 2019) EN   FR   ES  
Practical information – Barcelona 2019 EN  
Agenda – Intermediterranean Commission Political Bureau Meeting – Barcelona 2019 EN   ES   IT   FR  
Calendar 2018-2020 of the Intermediterranean Commission EN   FR  
Job Description – IMC Projects and Policy Officer EN   FR  
Agenda – Event on Big Data – From volume to value, Regional empowerment and value chain networks in a Mediterranean perspective EN  
Practical information – Bologna 2018 EN  
Agenda of the Intermediterranean Commission Meeting – Bologna 2018 EN   FR  
ARLEM Flyer – Local and Regional Authorities and Young Entrepreneurs EN-FR