Meeting of the Intermediterranean Commission – Funchal (Madeira-Portugal)

/Meeting of the Intermediterranean Commission – Funchal (Madeira-Portugal)
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Meeting of the Intermediterranean Commission

18 October 2018 – Funchal (Madeira-Portugal)

Agenda of the Plenary Meeting: EN-ES-FR-IT



 We remind you that these documents won’t be distributed in Funchal.
 Confidential papers are only for members of the Intermediterranean Commission.

  1. Draft Minutes of the Dytiki Ellada 2018 General Assembly: EN-ES-FR-IT ((Confidential)
  2. Draft Minutes of the Seminar Dytiki Ellada 2018: EN-ES-FR-IT (Confidential)
  3. Intermediterranean Commission Activity Report (July/October 2018): EN
  4. Report of the mandate 2016-2018: EN-FR
  5. Applications for the French Vice-Presidency in the Political Bureau 2018/2020 (Confidential)
  6. Financial documents of the Intermediterranean Commission (Confidential)
  7. Calendar 2018-2019 for the Intermediterranean Commission: EN-FR
  8. Patras 2018 – Final Declaration of the Intermediterranean Commission: EN-ES-FR-IT
  9. Draft Final Declaration for the 2018 CPMR General Assembly (Confidential)
  10. Final version of the Training Manual on ITD: EN-FR
  11. Documents of the Intermediterranean Commission Working Groups (Confidential)

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