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Meeting of the Intermediterranean Commission

17 October 2019 – Palermo (Sicily-Italy)

Agenda of the meeting:



 We remind you that these documents won’t be distributed in Palermo.

  1. Minutes of the Marseille 2019 General Assembly: EN-ES-FR-IT
  2. Minutes of the WG on Transport and IMP – Marseille 2019: EN-FR
  3. Declaration on a Social and Solidarity based Economy: EN-FR (For Members only)
  4. Intermediterranean Commission Activity Report (July/October 2019): EN
  5. Financial documents of the Intermediterranean Commission: EN-ES-FR-IT (For Members only)
  6. Calendar 2019-2020 for the Intermediterranean Commission: EN-FR
  7. Marseilles 2019 – Final Declaration of the Intermediterranean Commission: EN-ES-FR-IT
  8. Manifesto for the 2019 CPMR General Assembly: EL-EN-ES-FR-IT
  9. Documents of the Intermediterranean Commission Working Groups (For Members only)
  10. Final main results on projects in which the Intermediterranean Commission is involved: EN-FR

More information on the 2019 CPMR General Assembly, CLICK HERE!