Political Bureau meeting of the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission

/Political Bureau meeting of the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission
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Minutes of the meeting: EN-ES-FR-IT and presentations by the speakers: CLICK HERE! 

Agenda of the Political Bureau meeting: EN-ES-FR-IT

and for photos of the meetings: CLICK HERE! 



 We remind you that these documents won’t be distributed in Cartagena.
Confidential papers are only for members of the Intermediterranean Commission.

    1. Minutes of the Intermediterranean Commission Plenary meeting held in Helsinki: EN-ES-FR-IT
    2. CPMR Final Declaration Helsinki 2017: EL-EN-ES-FR-IT
    3. Summary of the CPMR Final Declaration Helsinki 2017: EN-FR
    4. Financial documents of the Intermediterranean Commission (EN-ES-FR-IT), information on the projects and membership (Confidential)
    5. Activity report of the Intermediterranean Commission: EN
    6. Participation of the Intermediterranean Commission in EU Cooperation Projects: EN-FR
    7. Calendar 2017-2018 of the Intermediterranean Commission: EN-FR
    8. Bologna Charter: Text of the Charter and more information on www.bolognacharter.eu
    9. West MED initiative – EC Communication: EN // Frame for actions: EN // Last declaration and annex on governance on Website: www.westmed-initiative.eu
    10. Draft CPMR Issue Paper on Migration Management (Confidential)
    11. Political Agenda for sustainable tourism: EN-FR
    12. Topics for the Final Declaration Patras 2018 (Confidential)
    13. Background Technical Note on “The future of territorial cooperation in the Mediterranean” (Confidential)
    14. Information on the Working groups and Task Forces (Confidential Dropbox)
    15. Petition Unimed Erasmus +
    16. Draft Manual CPMR Intermediterranean Commission-PLATFORMA on Capacity Building on Integrated Territorial Development + agenda Training (Confidential)