The CPMR and its Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) are partners in “HERIT-DATA – Sustainable Heritage Management towards Mass Tourism Impact thanks to a holistic use of Big and Open Data” – An Interreg MED EU Project led by Tuscany that was approved in January. 

The HERIT-DATA project aims to measure and reduce the impact of mass tourism-related human activities on old cities and sites of particular cultural heritage or archaeological interest, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

HERIT-DATA considers that although tourism is a major engine of economic growth, it also creates a burden hard to manage, and has a great impact on the conservation of the heritage.

As a result, during the next four years – until April 2022 – the project plans to develop the sustainable and responsible tourism management of cultural heritage in Mediterranean regions, particularly by taking advantage of technology and innovation in management tools (Smart Cities), as well as other policy and social measures.

A series of knowledge and solutions (Models, Strategy, Artificial Intelligence tool and App, etc.) in line with the current sectoral changes and characteristics of smart destinations will be developed, tested and transferred. This includes a platform capable of collecting data from selected sources and analyse the impact of tourism on heritage destinations. The results will also contribute to decision-making processes.

The project consortium consists of organisations, companies and technology centres, as well as local and regional public authorities from Italy, Spain, Croatia, France and Portugal, including four Intermediterranean Commission Member Regions i.e. Tuscany, Valencia, Occitanie and Western Greece.  

HERIT-DATA falls under the priorities of the Intermediterranean Commission Action Plan and Working Groups. The Intermediterranean Commission will play an important role in the project’s communication and capitalisation activities, linking it with the works of the Interreg MED CO-EVOLVE and MITOMED+ projects – where it is a partner – and with its Task Force on Sustainable & Culture Tourism. Exchange of experiences and best practices with other Mediterranean Regions will also be foreseen.

The project’s activities are expected to be launched in March 2018.

More details will soon be available on the Interreg MED ‘Sustainable Tourism’ community’s website.

For further information, please contact Davide Strangis: & Emmanuel Maniscalco: