A dissemination event on “Building sustainable coastal and maritime tourism policies for Mediterranean destinations” was co-organised by NECSTouR in Málaga on 5-6 April 2018.

MITOMED+ dissemination event brought together more than 170 attendees, including the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission, and involved a wide-ranging panel of international, European, national, regional and local actors.

The Horizontal project BleuTourMed and some of the Modular projects were represented (CO-EVOLVE, Shapetourism, CONSUMLESS, DESTIMED, etc).

The two day workshop aimed to learn more about the measurement of sustainability in Coastal and Maritime Tourism Destinations as well as in the construction of a European Roadmap for Sustainable Coastal and Maritime Tourism Policy-making.

Common challenges and actions have been identified for the development and implementation of indicators for measurement and for the use of indicators for policy making.

Among them, recovering basic information for measuring sustainability and introducing sustainability measures based on evidence from indicators were identified as challenges. Design and implement new survey and learn to make indicators audience-relevant were identified as being one of the answers to these 2 challenges.

The MITOMED+ partners took the opportunity to organise their seventh project meeting the day before, on 4 April, in Turismo Andaluzs office in Málaga.

MITOMED+’s partners met in Málaga during a project’s transition period in which the project has just moved from module 1 (testing phase) to module 2 (transferring phase).

The project meeting took stock of the advancement of the Testing phase and its underway evaluation. It was also the occasion to draw conclusions and exchange on the main challenges and way for improvement of the meetings with municipalities.

During this meeting, documents such as the yearly report and the external events activity annual report were approved by the partnership. An external company in charge of the evaluation of monitoring for the transition from module 1 (testing) to module 2 (Transferring) presented its results and recommendations regarding the project progress during about a year.

The CPMR Intermediterranean Commission (IMC), which coordinates the project’s capitalisation activities, presented the last relevant Euromed initiaves and other actions of interest in relation to MITOMED+.

Partners and some of their municipalities and external destinations participated in the Capacity Building training session on “the usage of online common platform”, which was created within pilot 1 activity by the University of Málaga.

The Platform, which is available at the following Web address in three languages (EN, ES, FR), includes data from several areas. Data from 13 destinations have already been collected and the platform could host other external MED destinations as it has been proposed during the MITOMED+ Community campaign launched at the end of last year to CPMR and NECSTouR members.

Dissemination event’s presentations can be downloaded from this link.

You can also access the tweet of this event and other related press releases here

For further information, please contact Emmanuel MANISCALCO: emmanuel.maniscalco@crpm.org or Flora LEROY: flora.leroy@crpm.org

See also MITOMED+’s website.