Working Group on Water and Energy

General objectives

Improvements in the management of hydraulic resources and the promotion of renewable energies and energy efficiency in the Mediterranean regions are topics striking a particular chord in the Mediterranean basin, forming part of the context of the challenges for sustainable development and involving challenges at an economic, environmental and social level.

The questions linked to water and to energy are tied to the policies that concern them, whether territorial, national, European or multilateral. The water and energy working group supports the efforts of the regional authorities for better application of community directives and agreements taken at a Mediterranean level.

These also include policy strategies on both water and energy, to facilitate the valuation of the role and the added value of regional governments, promoting active and effective coordination through actions for the capitalization and the coordination of shared action plans.

The general objective is to contribute from the actions of the regions -in collaboration with the key Mediterranean actors- to the sustainable development of the Mediterranean basin, providing concrete responses to strategic challenges in the area of water and energy and the implementation of the most relevant directives and policies and the local and the regional impact of the European Union on these matters.

This objective will be implemented through specific lines of action both at the level of political actions as well as pilot and European projects.

The main objectives of the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission Water and Energy Working Group are detailed in the action plan below:

Consult the Action Plan of the “Water and Energy” Working Group: EN-ES-FR

Work Areas and Actions

  • Respond to the strategic challenge of the water in the Mediterranean;
  • To adapt to energy challenges and to promote the potential of renewable energies and energy efficiency in the Mediterranean;
  • Water and energy as transversal elements: promote the synergies between actions that involve a joint water-energy approach (e.g. Climate change), as well as projecting its elements of transversality towards the activities of the Intermediterranean Commission working groups on other sectoral policies;
  • Transport/accessibility policies, promotion of land sea interactions in the sectoral priorities of the Mediterranean area, sustainable maritime transport, work on marine data and regions’ access to funds.

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