Working Group on Territorial Cooperation and Macro-Regional Strategies

General objectives

Dealing with issues that, without being strictly sectorial, are of general interest for the Mediterranean regions, the Intermediterranean Commission Working group on territorial Cooperation and Macro Regional Strategies raises issues related to future Mediterranean governance and to the role that the territorial organisations have to play in this governance.

Its general objective includes studying, analysing and putting into practice the suggestions and concrete actions that can contribute to improve the governance and territorial cooperation in the Mediterranean while enhancing the roles of Regions and territorial organisations.

The main objectives of the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission Working Group on Territorial Cooperation and Macro-Regional Strategies are detailed in the action plan below:

Consult the Action plan of the “Territorial Cooperation and Macro-Regional Strategies” Working Group:  EN-FR

Work Areas and Actions

  • Work Area 1: Promoting the conceptualisation and development of a macroregional and sea basin strategic approach in the Mediterranean.
  • Work Area 2: Increase and improve the coordination with the Mediterranean organisation networks so as to organise different strategic approaches and for the development of joint projects.
  • Work Area 3: Develop a monitoring and supportive activity to the Neighbourhood Policy, Development Cooperation in the Mediterranean and territorial cooperation tools available in the basin while supporting the emergence of a “Mediterranean of projects”, decentralised cooperation, south-south cooperation and Mediterranean Southern countries decentralisation.

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Coordinating Regions:

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Contact: Guillaume HUET
Chef de la mission Projets et Partenariats Méditerranéens
Tel: + 33 (0)4 91 57 54 78


Contact: Núria BEDOS
Asesora – DG de Relaciones Exteriores
Tel: + 34 93 554 51 31