The Mediterranean Sustainable Tourism Convention 2019, aimed at discussing solutions to foster sustainable and inclusive growth in the Mediterranean region while preserving its unique landscapes and precious resources, was organised by the Interreg MED Horizontal Project on Sustainable Tourism – BleuTourMed – on 5-7 June in Barcelona.

As representative of several Interreg MED Modular Projects on Sustainable Tourism, in which it participates as partner (i.e. CO-EVOLVE, MITOMED+ and HERIT-DATA), the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) took part in this event that was the occasion to take stock of project’s main outcomes and results ad pave the way for the future activities of the Community.

Many partners of CO-EVOLVE, MITOMED+ and HERIT-DATA, as well as CPMR IMC members were represented on this occasion. Some of them even had the opportunity to speak in the sessions.

The Convention brought together key stakeholders from both the public and private sectors i.e. national/regional/local authorities, universities, sectoral agencies, NGOs, international organisations, clusters, etc.

Projects representatives had the chance to showcase the projects’ best results and achievements towards a more sustainable and inclusive tourism management in the Mediterranean.

Key topics related to Sustainable Tourism – such as labels and certifications to promote tourism sustainability, overtourism, data and knowledge-based management, impacts on environment and communities, diversification of the tourism offer, involvement of private sector in tourism sustainability, sustainable mobility in tourist destinations and the blue economy – were touched upon.

This was also the perfect occasion for the community to release the thematic Policy Factsheets all the projects had been working on over the past year. These factsheets include policy recommendations aimed to policy makers.

Policy Factsheets

  • Factsheet #1 – ‘Promoting alternative tourism models to reduce pressures in the Mediterranean region’
  • Factsheet #2 – ‘Tourism as a strategic driver for inclusive, responsible and sustainable growth in the Mediterranean region’
  • Factsheet #3 – ‘Ensuring an effective monitoring of tourism sustainability in the Mediterranean region’
  • Factsheet #4 – ‘Governance as a tool for sustainable and responsible tourism in the Mediterranean region’.

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