The last meeting of the CPMR-Intermediterranean Commission Task Force on Energy Renovation in Mediterranean Buildings took place last May 29th in Barcelona. The Task Force, coordinated by the Governement of Catalonia, was organised back-to-back with the Catalonia’s SHERPA Regional Capitalisation Workshop.

The objective of the meeting was to introduce the concept and structure of the main output of SHERPA project, the Joint Action Plan (JAP) for energy renovation in Mediterranean buildings. This draft plan, coordinated by the CPMR-IMC, the Government of Catalonia and the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) of Greece, is foreseen for the last semester of the project at the end of this year. The aim of this tool is to create a common framework, process and hub to streamline the policies of regions and match the needs of other stakeholders in the field of energy renovation, by proposing specific actions for their implementation.

The Government of Catalonia, the Government of Valencia, Andalusia, the Region of Lazio, Sardinia, and Calabria discussed new opportunities for cooperation as well as the ways forward for the collective contribution and implementation of the latter through the Joint Action Plan and the ongoing strategic call ENI CBC MED (foreseeing the replication of SHERPA to the South shore of the Mediterranean).

In the morning, the regions of the Task Force were also invited to attend the Catalonia’s SHERPA regional capitalisation workshop mainly aimed at municipal technical representatives, during which the Catalonian SHERPA’s partners – also lead partners of the project – presented the main tools of the project’s testing activities and actively involved in the working session new municipalities wishing to replicate the SHERPA methodology within one of their buildings.

Presentations are available here.

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