The 12th steering committee of the MITOMED+ project was held in Marbella (Spain) on 8 May at the premises of Turismo Andaluz.

Representatives from the partner organisations, including the CPMR’s Intermediterranean Commission (CPMR-IMC), gathered to discuss the project’s progress, the difficulties encountered and the next steps planned, with a special focus on capitalisation activities coordinated by the CPMR-IMC.

In this framework, an online meeting was organised with one of the coordinators of the Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) in order to have a final feedback on the Green Beach Model, one of the main outputs (pilot 2) of the MITOMED project, before its publication. The Green Beach Model will soon be available here.

The CPMR-IMC, in association with the expert hired to draft the MED M&C Tourism Management Model, presented the methodology for Regional Policy Learning Seminars and the general timeline for the capitalisation activities planned during the last semester of the project at the end of this year.

The common Maritime and Coastal Tourism Management Model aims to guarantee a new path for a more responsible maritime and coastal tourism. The final version of the Model will be presented by the end of the year at the MITOMED capitalisation conference coordinated by the CPMR-IMC, and its replication will be ensured through the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding.

In particular, this model aims to embrace the regional specificities of tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, Regional Policy Learning Seminars are foreseen in each partner region to promote discussion and exchange experiences among destinations that have implemented the tools made available. These seminars will also be open to experts, policy makers and politicians with an interest in sustainable tourism, and other destinations willing to improve their own management.

The CPMR-IMC also provided an update on its Sustainable Tourism Community’s activities, with a special focus on its Final event organised in Barcelona on 5-6-7 June, shared its view on the planned capitalisation actions and finally described the potential synergies to be sought with relevant projects and emerging initiatives, such as PANORAMED, the UfM working group on Blue Economy, and the WestMED Initiative, among others.

The CPMR-IMC took part in the first policy learning seminar organised by the University of Girona in Barcelona on 5th June, back to back with the Final Conference of the Sustainable Tourism Community of the Interreg MED Programme.

Following a short presentation of the project results, the participants were split into four different groups consisting of potential implementers of MITOMED+ tools on the one side and current project partners on the other. The goal of the working session was to identify the main benefits and challenges of using the project tools from both perspectives, sharing experiences and views among representatives from pilot and interested destinations. The fruitful discussion among participants, facilitated by Mr Vincenç Yll, focused in particular on further suggestions to improve the indicators system and platform.

Partners and regional stakeholders from Cyprus, Istria and Tuscany jointly organised a similar seminar and study visit in Castiglione della Pescaia and San Vincenzo (Italy) on 11 and 12 June.

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