… to give the impulse for transformative changes in the Mediterranean

Co-funded by the EU programme Interreg Med and led by the European Topic Centre of the University of Málaga, the Biodiversity Protection Community (2016-2019) has been acknowledged by international institutions as an interdisciplinary collaborative platform, linking research, practice and policy at the Mediterranean scale to tackle pressing issues such as climate change, marine pollution and biodiversity loss.

The Biodiversity Protection Community streamlined networking and management efforts in Mediterranean Protected Areas (PAs) as mechanisms to enhance nature conservation and protection in the region. The Community developed synergies between relevant Mediterranean stakeholders – managers, policymakers, socio-economic actors, civil society and the scientific community to increase the visibility and impacts of their projects’ results towards common identified strategical targets.

On the 14th-15th of October 2019, the project celebrated the end of its first implementation period with an international three-days event on Biodiversity protection and management, gathering around 100 Mediterranean representatives to debate on effective collaboration mechanisms for more integrated management of natural resources. The event gathered the main European institutional and political actors who support biodiversity protection and conservation to sign the “Ecosystem-based approaches for Biodiversity protection and management” Declaration.

All concerned actors, from individuals citizens to private companies, public institutions, universities, research centres, NGOs, are invited to endorse this Declaration and show their support for a better biodiversity protection in the Mediterranean by adding their signature online. Nature conservation needs indeed to become operational and involve all marine areas independently of their national administrative borders and using an ecosystem-based management approach.

The Biodiversity Protection Community also developed a knowledge platform devised as a one entry point to scientific evidence supporting best practice on protected area management and environmental policymaking in the region. The MED Biodiversity Protection Knowledge Platform contains recommendations and data gathered by the Mediterranean biodiversity protection community together with external validated open source information and data. It gives visibility to effective methodologies, key project results, and actions towards biodiversity protection under way.

The Biodiversity Protection Community produced a large range of documents and publications, including factsheets, technical and policy papers, workshops reports, guidelines- Read the full list of publications HERE!

Following are some key milestone deliverables produced by the project:

  • The Declaration on ecosystem-based approaches to biodiversity protection and management is available in six languages: AR-EN-ES-FR-IT-ME
  • The Biodiversity Protection community’s working groups addressed respectively common Mediterranean nature conservation and protection issues, such as Marine Litter, encouraging participatory approaches for better management of natural resources, presented through a range of publications.
  • Marine Litter: Factsheet Biodiversity – Factsheet ToolsPolicy ReportGlobal report
  • Participatory approaches for enhancing management of natural resources in marine and coastal areas: Technical paper Policy paper
  • Integrated ecosystem monitoring and management: FactsheetTechnical paper
  • Nature-based solutions and tools Catalogue : EN FR AR

After a three-year development, the Med Biodiversity Protection Community is now fully running, gathering more than 140 organisations, from private and public sectors around the Mediterranean. The Biodiversity Protection Community (BPC) has assisted and ensured synergies between thematic projects and biodiversity protection key stakeholders. It will continue to act as a Science-Policy-Interface (SPI) to foster exchange of experiences and knowledge sharing, to influence a behavioural and policy change in the Mediterranean and beyond.

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