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The DeclarationEcosystem-based approaches for Biodiversity protection and management” was first discussed in December 2018 at the EU Parliament with the SEARICA intergroup to define a common path of action supported by nearly 200 Mediterranean and European institutions.

The CPMR is actively involved in the activities and the process of this Declaration launched by the Med Biodiversity Protection Community and encourages you to support it <Click here>

The Declaration will officially be signed in during the MED Biodiversity Protection community event “Ecosystem-Based Adaptation:A pulse for transformative changes in the Mediterranean Sea“, in Málaga from 14 to 16 October 2019. Register HERE to attend the ceremony and the event.

The Ecosystem-based management approach considers the full interactions within an ecosystem and include the human activities as part of the system. It can be seen as a prism when developing terrestrial or marine related studies, projects, sectoral activities or political decision-making and governance models. It is a transversal and cross-sectoral concept considering the ecosystems and their services as a priority, and how we use them.

Biodiversity protection and management needs to be “mainstreamed” at the highest level in regional governance initiatives, putting conservation and protection objectives at the same level as economic and social objectives, engaging the private sector and civil society, which have a key role to play in sustaining a healthy and productive Mediterranean biodiversity.

Ecosystem-based management should be seen as a priority and an integral component in the development and implementation of regional sustainable development policies, strategies, plans, projects and activities.

Download the Declaration on ecosystem-based approach for biodiversity protection and management in several languages: