The 31st of October marked the end of the Interreg Horizonal Project on Blue Growth, involving the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) as responsible of the capitalization activities.

In this sense, the final capitalisation event Transition towards Blue and Green Economies in the Mediterranean held last September in Brussels and co-organized with the Interreg MED Green Growth Community, celebrated the third anniversary of the two Communities as a bridge to the next implementation period. The event represented a milestone between both Communities, providing the opportunity of transferring key learnings, exchanging inspiring ideas and understandings about sustainable economies, in view of building common strategies beyond each Community’s scope for the future. The Final Conference Report provides a detailed summary of the fruitful discussion on actions to foster integrated sustainable growth, with EU institutions, regional and local authorities, as well as other relevant stakeholders.

This report integrates the main thematic conclusions collected in the other four Technical Reports corresponding to the themes of the capitalisation events organised throughout the whole course of the project: Blue Energies, Clusters, Yachting and SPPI. An extra report on global sustainability is also available.

Four Factsheets on Blue Energies, Clusters, Maritime Surveillance and Yachting have also been produced, with the aim of promoting the main modular projects’ outcomes and encouraging the use of the Community’s results by external stakeholders.

Summing up these three years of intensive exchanges, research, and capitalization, the Blue Growth Community has also drafted a policy paper, addressing integrated as well as sectoral recommendations to key target stakeholders of the blue economy for the Mediterranean.

Closing these three years of activities, the Blue Growth Community is now ready to kick-off its second implementation phase, during which the transferring and capitalization of results will be extremely important, in view of scaling up the work done so far.

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